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Downtown Project was founded in January 2012 with the idea that if you accelerate co-learning, collisions, and connectedness in the city’s urban core, productivity, innovation, growth, and happiness will fall into place.
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Downtown Project is a privately-funded, for-profit enterprise dedicated to helping revitalize part of downtown Las Vegas by investing in people and projects that share our vision of downtown as a hub of inspiration, entrepreneurial energy, creativity, innovation, prosperity, and discovery fueled by the Three C’s: collisions, co-learning, and connectedness


Founded in January 2012, it is the umbrella under which an extensive portfolio of small business, tech, real estate, and other significant local investments are developed, coordinated, and managed. To date, Downtown Project has allocated/invested $350 million towards this vision, resulting in more than 165 new businesses and more than 1,000 new jobs.


Helping create a more vibrant and walkable city


We’ve got great residential options right in the heart of the city. Live downtown – the most fun and exciting part of the Las Vegas Valley.


Whether you’re looking to crank out some work in a comfortable spot with lightening-fast wi-fi, have an impromptu meeting or team gathering, or just want to get out of the office for a working lunch or happy hour, we’ve got you covered.


Curious about downtown Las Vegas, but don't know where to go? Check out our self-guided tours, perfect for any age group or time of day.


+ Jobs Generated


Million Economic Output






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