Small Business

Downtown Project’s Small Business team has invested in small businesses downtown since 2012. So far, we have made a number of investments ranging from full-service restaurants to boutique retail stores and more. We primarily invest in owner-operated small businesses that display the following criteria which we believe make for a successful venture:

1. Execution & Sustainability: We invest in sustainable business models with operators that can execute.
2. Passion: These businesses are owner-operated, hands-on businesses where the entrepreneur harnesses their passion and executes on his or her vision.
3. Collisions: Businesses that provide a space for people to meet and interact in a way that promotes new relationships and stronger ties within the community.
4. Unique or the Best: Downtown Las Vegas is a place to experience new things, and the Small Businesses we invest in differentiate themselves with unique qualities not found in many of their counterparts.
5. Story Worthy: The Small Businesses we invest in have a story all their own, and each of our businesses contributes to an eclectic mix of narratives in the Downtown area.