Shipping Containers

DTP CCP View 1When you think about urban revitalization, you probably envision a city center filled with derelict, abandoned buildings just waiting to be repurposed. Our Downtown is different. Rather than being filled with empty buildings, we have a lot of empty land.

That creates what may be the biggest obstacle to the community’s plans for redevelopment. There are so many entrepreneurs here with great ideas for new businesses–there’s just no place for their businesses to go. Until new buildings are completed, which can be a long process, we need spaces to make magic happen faster.

To do that, we’re employing what has been described by many as flexible urbanism. We’re planning to temporarily transform underused, high value urban areas by installing repurposed shipping containers to house small businesses such as cafes, boutiques, bars, galleries and more. These plans will incorporate community space, outdoor seating, and retractable shade structures while activating vacant lots in the heart of our Downtown.

These repurposed shipping containers have been used in cities around the world including San Francisco, New York, and London. Our goal is to make Las Vegas the shipping container capital of the world. To make that happen, we’re partnering with experienced professionals to turn used shipping containers into flexible, engaging, exciting structures. These temporary structures can be relocated as needed and can serve as the perfect places for new businesses to test concepts and grow their client bases before moving into larger, permanent structures.

Best of all, this faster magic can happen by the Fall of 2013, allowing new, passionate, community-minded small businesses to open sooner rather than later in Downtown Las Vegas.

Here’s a great video and several additional renderings of the soon-to-open Container Park.

DTP CCP North Overview

DTP CCP South Overview

DTP playground

DTP CCP Retail